Today was a long day… Our daughter is fighting a cold and has had a little cough that she just couldn’t kick yesterday. It kept her (and us) up most of the night. Today she moved up to a new class at Preschool: new teachers, new routines, new places and a few familiar faces. After very little sleep last night I willed myself to get out of bed and ready for work, then pack her bag for school and get the little sleepyhead up dressed and out the door on time.

We did make it and in very good time considering our slow start. Once we arrived there were new faces and confused parents and crying babies. We were thankfully just confused on the location of our new classroom and there were no tears and only a sweet kiss goodbye when I left our daughter with one of her new teachers. That sweet goodbye kiss eased my anxiety a little about her first day in this class. I headed off to work.

When I arrived I found a full schedule and thought “Just keep moving and you won’t feel so sleepy”; then my first appointment canceled. I was only a little annoyed, but happy to sit and gather my thoughts before the rest of my busy day. I started my day following up on my cases I had seen on Saturday and then right into wellness exams, itchy pets and sick dogs. Not long after my first appointment I get a tap on my arm from my smart watch with a text from my husband, his work schedule changed and now I had to come up with dinner for myself and my daughter and do the nighttime routine alone with a baby girl that may or may not be a crazy toddler.

Now I was a tired ball of anxiety, worried about Aviana’s first day with new routines, new teachers and new children all while dealing with a pretty rough cold and I didn’t have my husband teammate to back me up after work. I was so thankful though that I was able to have lunch with him and he ordered pizza, so dinner was covered. I finished out my afternoon and went to pick up Avi from daycare. All her teachers said she had a great day! Whew! I was so relieved, and our ride home she was happy and talking about her day.

Dinner was a success too! If you know anything about toddlers you know they are very opinionated when it comes to food. Aviana ate everything I put on her plate (and without having to trick her🤗). She wanted to cuddle and watch a movie after dinner. I could see the sleepiness just hanging on her eyes, but she wasn’t quite ready for the whole bedtime routine and I didn’t mind the snuggles after this long day.

We were able to FaceTime Dad while he was at work in between his cases and then she settled in for bed. Even though Robbie wasn’t physically here tonight he helped tremendously and couldn’t have done bedtime without the quick chat. Now I’m finishing some laundry, running the dishwasher, straightening up and snuggling my cat, while my brain decided it was a good time to write?

It’s been awhile since I have blogged and frankly I was busy and had a bit of writers block. And for some reason couldn’t find the motivation. What I think is strange, is my brain became turned on when it needs to be turning off and getting rest, but I also think I just needed to unload these thoughts so that I can rest.

So I leave with this:

“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” – Brad Henry.

This summer break while I wasn’t working on this blog and not posting as much to my social media; I was following my compass.

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